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About the Maker

Sonia Washburn Perfumes
                       My journey into perfume started over 20 years ago when my intrigue with scent prompted me to study aromatherapy. I was moved by the ability that two essential oils, sandalwood and cedarwood, had on my psyche at the time and the effect they had on relieving my grief after losing a loved one. 
The study of aromatherapeutics and later herbal medicine enforced my respect for botanicals and their healing properties. But it was my love of scent and the mystique it had to provoke 'otherworldliness' that inspired me.
For me, natural scents have immense power and the ability to transport the mind and spirit. When creating my natural perfumes I am very interested in where a particular scent takes me. Scent is an opportunity - to voyage, journey, embody another state.
As a natural perfumer I dwell in another place, another landscape where scent takes on form, texture, colour and time of its own. These become my olfactory landscapes and adventures. I invite you to discover the beauty of natural perfumes.
I work and live in Sydney. As a mother, I am compelled to create 100% natural products and perfumes for all people as I believe they are safer for you and your future generations. My perfumes are handcrafted using unique botanical tinctures, essential oils, absolutes and natural isolates. I have created custom, natural perfumes blends for Mucota Korea, Be-Me Fragrances, other Australian perfume brands. 

Sonia Washburn