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Welcome to the Garden

 I have been working with scent since the 90's. I was moved by the effect two essential oils, sandalwood and cedarwood, had on relieving my grief after losing a loved one. Inspired, I studied aromatherapy, massage, herbal medicine and eventually a degree in Health Science.
 At the age of 38 I was pregnant and concerned about my daughter's health and future. This was the starting place for the creation of my 100% botanical and natural perfumes. 
 For me, scents have immense power and the ability to transport the mind and spirit. When creating my natural perfumes I am very interested in where a particular scent takes me. Scent is an opportunity to voyage and also to return to places often forgotten. As a mother, I am compelled to create 100% natural products and perfumes for all people as I believe they are safer for you and your future generations. My perfumes are handcrafted using unique botanical tinctures, essential oils, absolutes and natural isolates. I have created custom, natural perfumes blends for Mucota Korea, Be-Me Fragrances, other Australian perfume brands. 

Sonia Washburn



Botanical and Naturally derived, cruelty free, no perfume materials with formaldehyde/petrochemical/phthalates, no hormone disruptors, no carcinogens.

I do my best to source ingredients direct from small producers who specialise in their aromatics. This way I know I am getting the authentic material. I also like that I am supporting small enterprises who grow, manage and distil in their own farms.



The bottles are recyclable. Packaging is paper-based and recyclable. Perfumers wooden kits boxes are made from sustainable plantation pine and are meant to be used for the lifetime of the perfumer and beyond. All orders are packaged in recycled paper and compostable filler. My shipping carriers for perfume and International delivery incorporate Go-Green climate neutral delivery with the service.


Social Responsibility

My brand is a supporter and contributor to the Australian Conservation Foundation which strives to protect areas of Australian wilderness from developmental and environmental damage. As you know, the wild is a source of inspiration and refuge for me. Protecting wilderness is a heartfelt priority not just for its natural beauty but for the benefit of the entire planet, all plants and animals and human wellbeing.