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Now Smell This! - Lavender & Rosemary, Australian Botanicals

The latest 100% organically farmed, Australian essential oils from Sonia Washburn include Tasmanian lavender and Tasmanian rosemary. These are grown and distilled in Tasmania and are by far the best aromatic material Australia has to offer.

Introduced to Tasmania in the early 1900's and cultivated from French lavender, this lavender is a sub-species cultivated only in Tasmania. For those who think they have smelt true lavender and don't like it, this one is for you. Sweet, not overly terpene-like with a delightful, herbaceous-floral dry down, this lavender promises relief and relaxation.

The rosemary is nuanced, and unlike other rosemary oils has a full-bodied herbaceous greenness paired with the usual 1,8-cineole sharpness. Its an absolute delight. Expect all the comfort and satisfaction of a freshly trimmed rosemary hedge outside your kitchen window (you get the idea!).

I'm in love with these two botanical beauties grown here in Australia. They are available for purchase on the site now.